HTC Vive Phone Leaks, Together With HTC Ocean and HTC 2017 Flagship (Video)

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Believe it or not, in the biggest coincidence ever, right after I said there should be such a thing as a HTC Vive phone lo and behold one such device leaked out. You can check it out below and before you think it’s all rubbish info, this leak comes from HTC itself.

They apparently published by mistake two videos, one showing a HTC Vive Phone and the other the HTC Ocean, which apparently now goes under the name HTC U Ultra. HTC has an event scheduled for January 12th, where they may unveil at least one of these devices. The first video that leaked seems to focus on the unusual selection of materials for the future HTC phones.

Aside from the metal clad HTC Vive handset, that seems pretty slim and packs some interesting side accents, we also spot two other models. One may well be the HTC Ocean Note, since it’s very big and the other could be HTC 11. Seeing how HTC Vive requires a lot of processing power to function, one can’t help but wonder what kind of wonder CPU this device has inside. And what about the battery?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

[via and Evan Blass]

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  • Noel

    Even though the newly released HTC U ultra and U play are nice devices…not for me (battery capacity and bezel size lost my interest).
    But i still have hope for that one HTC device i can call mine in 2017. Will the rumored HTC Vive phone capture my/our interest…i like the backside of the phone and the video showing the side swipe operation (super). Going to the front-face…will HTC finally give us that one flagship phone with minimal bezels (abt 85% stb ratio), 6+GB RAM, 64/128GB storage plus SD card expansion, camera has been greatly improved but will we also finally get a 4000+mAh battery on an HTC flagship phone???
    Pls HTC let the disappointment end…STOP giving ur fans and potential new fans an excuse to pass on ur phones. Let the vive phone be the one that most ppl talk about in 2017…fingers crossed.

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