HTC Zero Takes us Back to the Drawing Board and Origins of HTC (Teaser)

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Concept Creator by now, as the designer has already received some fame and praise for this concept phones. While working on a brand new iPhone XI and Galaxy Note 10, the designer also found the time to envision a future for HTC. Let’s see what came out of that.

First of all, this is called the HTC Zero and it’s meant to be the ultimate reset for the Taiwanese company. It badly needs it, after a few years of below average flagships. HTC U13 would be silly at this point… Concept Creator went back to the drawing board and seems to have found inspiration in the older days, in the HTC One M7, maybe even the HTC Incredible series.

Some elements of the design teased in the video below also feel like the HTC One M9, HTC One M and other such devices. What HTC was known for about a decade ago, maybe less was its excellent set of acoustics, its bold choice of colors and HTC Sense/TouchFlo. I wouldn’t even mind seeing some HTC Touch Diamond influences, even though that ship has sailed long time ago.

All the phones that attempted to replicate the look of a diamond ended up with a kitsch. I see no trace of a camera cutout on the HTC Zero, leading me to believe it has a pop up selfie camera. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… How about a full metal unibody phone nowadays?

[via Concept Creator]

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