Huawei P10 Feels Just Lazy in Latest Leak

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Huawei P10 has just leaked via Evan Blass and I’m pretty disappointed by this design. I’m usually kind to designers and give them a chance, because some of them may just be starting, but I won’t be giving a break to big companies and design firms.

This Huawei P10 design approach is something that lazy Apple would do. It basically takes the Huawei P9, slaps a Home button on it and makes it curvier around the corners and edges. What’s odd is that those curves actually make the phone look worse. The P9 had style and panache with its rectangular approach, but that’s not the case here… Even the glass cover of the camera looks weird now.

A metal body and 2.5D body are what everyone’s doing nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I also think that the leaked shots of the LG G6 preface a disappointment and the Galaxy S8 looks maybe a bit better, but not by much. Where’s the inspiration and to quote Depeche Mode, “Where’s the Revolution”?? Will Apple have to come up with something new again?

[via Evan Blass]

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