Huawei P30 Gets a Periscope Triple Camera, Courtesy of Designer Olivier Bertoloti

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Huawei P20 Pro has received a lot of accolades this year, while the Vivo NEX made the periscope camera cool. Now here we have the Huawei P30, envisioned by designer Olivier Bertoloti, who did a stunning job at it. I just hope he’s OK with us dissecting his work…

I advise you to check out his Behance page, since he really explained this concept. It all starts with the aim of narrow bezels, then we’ve got the notch and then finally the borderless approach. The core of this concept, aside from the usual combo of metal and glass and narrow bezels is the sliding back part. It features both the triple back camera and the front dual shooter.

I love the Mate Black and shiny gold accents, maybe a bit inspired by the Nokia 7 Plus and its copper accents. The only objection I have about the periscope camera is the fact that it looks like an USB drive. I’m kind of digging the mechanism, but the thickness is crazy. You can’s stuff so many cameras and so many cool optics, especially Leica into such a small sliding package.

At least the facade is spotless and by the way compared to the Huawei P20 Pro, this device gets a dual 3D camera for Bokeh selfies, which should be better than the P20 Pro one, which may be a 24 shooter, but could have been better. By the way, nice idea with the Robot UI interface.

[via Behance]

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