LG Butterfly, Black Label Series Chocolate Follow-Up?

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Mohamad Moradi imagined the future of the LG Black Label series, that recently got a new member, the LG Secret KF750, The designer created the LG Butterfly concept phone, which might as well be the next Chocolate, but one that arrives with an interesting text input mechanism. LG Butterfly is black and sexy and features a directional pad, an MP3 button and the classic keys (call/endcall and the 2 navigation/action buttons beneath the display).


It might as well feature a touchscreen, since you can’t go wrong with that nowadays and a 5 megapixel camera would do, too. The MP3 button shows that we’ve got a more music-oriented device on our hands, so the folks from LG would better check this out, as it’s promising.

[found on Yahoo 360]


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