LG Exo Phone, a Sustainable and Durable Handset

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Designer Benjamin Lotte created the LG Exo concept phone, a handset based on an interesting idea: a skeletal system that protects the parts inside the device. Yes, the LG Exo is a resilient piece of gadgetry with a high strength polymer exosketelon that protects its inner parts and supports the external rubber skin.

Exo comes with a curved body, enhanced ergonomics and great strength. It also incorporates a flexible OLED display, making the phone even more resilient to shocks and interactions. Overall, this LG handset is able to withstand any kind of damage, thanks to its external shell, always kept in pristine conditions.

Underneath the rock-hard case, you’ll find a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon CPU and the device’s specs list also includes a 5 megapixel wide angle camera, a high power Lithium Ion battery and a 3.8 inch OLED display. Viable or not?

[via Yanko Design]