LG G5 Gets a Fresh Design From Techradar, With No Lower Bezel, Metal Case

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It appears that one LG G5 concept is never enough, so the folks of Techradar have come up with a new render of the device. Their approach is a bit different from what we’ve seen so far, going in a direction that feels more like Sharp and less like LG.

LG G5 concept techradar metal

The G5 brings here an all metal design and the rear power button also serves as a single touch biometric scanner. The handset has no lower bezel at the front, with the screen going all the way to the bottom and the same applies for the sides of the screen. The edges of the LG G5 are now used for extra notifications, depending on the way the smartphone is held.

A 4K 5.5 inch screen is also speculated, as well as a bigger and better battery. A 20 megapixel back camera, 4 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 820 CPU are all realistic expectations here. One thing LG really needs to work on is the waistline of its product. The LG G3 and G4 were certainly not slim phones. Less bloatware would also be nice…

[via Techradar]

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