LG G5 Renders Finalized by Jermaine Smit, Smartphone Features Removable Metal Plate (Video)

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Remember the LG G5 teaser from the other day? Well, the renders are done and Jermaine Smit has created a future flagship of 2016 with LG branding on it. The device stands out through its metal body and the ability to slide off the back area.

LG G5 final render jermaine smit 1

The LG G5 features a retina scanner, a full metal body and improved scratch and dust resilience. It adopts a refined chassis, with beautiful aesthetics and a premium feeling. Brushed metal finishing will be available and a Quad HD screen with sapphire glass is rumored to come this handset as well. The Snapdragon 820 CPU and 4 GB of RAM will be inside and storage will go up to 128 GB.

LG G5 final render jermaine smit 2

This LG G5 concept comes with a 20 megapixel 3D camera, with 4K video recording and higher end OIS, plus dual LED flash. The battery goes to 3150 mAh and there’s even a price tag speculated here, of $1000 or more. The handset is gently curved, very slim and slightly changes the design of the back buttons, making them more elegant and sharper in symbol at least.

There’s a supercar vibe coming from the back of this handset.

LG G5 final render jermaine smit 3

LG G5 final render jermaine smit 4

LG G5 final render jermaine smit 5

[via nxtphone.com]

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