LG G7 Teaser is Here, Courtesy of Concept Creator (Video)

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Many people are fretting about OnePlus 5T these days, or maybe even the OnePlus 6, but let’s take a break and turn towards LG. They had a great year, with the LG G6 being a bit better than the G5 and the V30 taking things to a whole new level of quality. And now we’re actually a bit hyped for the LG G7, to be honest and while that happens Concept Creator came up with a render of it.

First thing I noticed? Texture! It’s a clear throwback to the HTC Touch Diamond and the ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe, that had an amazing diamond-like back. Also, you know those vases made of a special crystal, that look like they were put under a huge amount of pressure to mold them? That’s the feel I get from the device’s back. Not sure just good this texture is for grip, or how well it makes the device sit on a table though.

I’m not even sure what material the LG G7 imagined here uses, but I can see that the dual back camera sticks. We have no idea what the front looks like, but I’m betting on curved corners for the screen again, 18:9 aspect, HDR and a big diagonal. I see the fingerprint scanner is kept at the back, although I’d rather place it below the screen panel, or better said WITHIN it.

So hyped!

[via Concept Creator]

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