LG HF3 Phone Design Incorporates New Voice Recognition Technology

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If you’ve been missing LG concept phones, we’ve got some designs for you, courtesy of the folks who took part in the “Design the Future Competition”. This time we’re dealing with the LG HF3 phone, designed by Aaron Martinez and relying on a new voice recognition technology.

The device pictured above is able to respond to the user’s voice commands, allowing him to access the web, email, contacts, calendar, multimedia features and even start apps. There’s no need to pre-record commands or names, thanks to an advanced Voice Recognition Technology, that identifies all commands.

Speak-to-text is also supported, so we guess there’s no more need for keys (virtual or real) on this device. You mustn’t compare this feature with Google Voice or Vlingo, since it’s different, it doesn’t involve an extra price or a third party app. Moving on to the specs, LG HF3 appears to incorporate a huge touchscreen display, a Microsoft Silverlight web browser, Windows Mobile and Bluetooth.

The features of this concept phone are amazing, specially as far as the performance is concerned. The screen uses LED backlight technology, a TFT active matrix, supports a 1920 x 1080 resolution, 1080p display format, 120Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time. Also, the handset can use up to 200GB of memory, thanks to an 80GB SIM card and an 128GB SD card.

LG HF3’s battery is a Li-ion unit, that takes only 20 minutes to charge, while the device also provides 70 Mbps transfer rate. Incredible? Yes! Now we wait your input on the phone. Don’t forget to have a look at Aaron Martinez’s portofolio, over here.

[Thanks Aaron]