LG HiFi Concept Headset/ Phone is an Original Design, a Winner of the Company’s Competition

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Remember the LG Design the Future competition? This contest allowed the best designers to show the world their views regarding the future of mobile phones and now, we’ve got one of the winners pictured below. LG HiFi is both a concept headset and a phone and it turns from one design to the other easily.


HiFi is a touchscreen phone that can be turned into a headset and wrapped around the head for audiophiles to enjoy. Also, the handset can be incorporated into laptops and netbooks, thanks to slots and can be worn on the user’s wrist.

[via Dvice]

  • Mike

    I follow this site daily..main site and rss feed. I love the site and the way you help shape the current/future handset expectations. But are you serious with these watch phones and make-up case concepts? Is there really a market for these types of gadgets?
    I am a huuuge android advocate (in the USA), and am constantly selling/pushing the G1 (only American android available as of now) onto friends, family, and anyone who may make a comment about their cell phone. About a dozen now own an Andriod in my small suburan town alone beacause of my praise.

    But my point is..the other 4 dozen I’ve pushed this phone onto looked at me like I was holding a piece of the year 2500 in my hand. And I must be a tech wizard since I’m able to use this phone the way it was meant to be used.

    ..but I’m not a tech wizard…and if android confuses the everyday person..how is a watch phone from LG the winner of this contest? Do you or the readers have enough faith in the average mobile customer to embrace a product like this anytime in the near future??

    I want to know what you guys think..because to me it seems like this contest, its winner, and concpets like these are just a waste of time. I truely believe we will never see a phone like these available from a major carrier ever? Anyone agree…disagree?

  • anne

    is this product on the market?
    i wanna buy it.. 😀

  • Ra

    I want it