LG Industrial Design Gets Fresh Concept; Cameraphone Included

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A project created by Tim Escolin, Spencer Davis and Xinyi Wang focuses on the new LG industrial design, a 2014 approach. There’s also a cameraphone in the mix, as shown below. From what I can see, the handset can have a special attachment with a huge photo capture module.

LG design 2014 1

Notice the edge to edge screen approach here and the blocky look of the phone, plus those very discrete volume buttons. They may be touch volume buttons, by the way. LG already has fashionable products like the Prada Phone series, but that range of products has inexplicably stopped. The camera attachment is pretty big here and while LG has never been huge in the optics field, they may get some Carl Zeiss products.

I’m guessing that cam would use up a lot of battery, so the attachment is probably much bigger and includes a portion of the body, with battery included. I can see that the LG concept phone’s camera is dual, much like the one of the HTC One M8. Will a blocky phone work in 2014? What do you think of this design approach?

LG design 2014 2

LG design 2014 6

LG design 2014 3

LG design 2014 4

LG design 2014 5

[via Behance]

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