LG Optimus G Flip Shows us that a Flip Phone can Still be Cool

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Rendered by Mohammad Ziadan, the LG Optimus G Flip concept is a testimony to the design that was so popular years ago, before the iPhone came to life. Flip phones were everywhere and now they rarely appear in anyone’s pocket. The model you see rendered here is dubbed LG Optimus G Flip.

LG Optimus G Flip concept

I guess the designer would better call it LG G Flip, since the South Korean maker has gotten rid of the Optimus branding a while ago. The device uses two 4 inch touchscreens inside and a third one with a 4.3 inch diagonal on the outside, so this is a triple display phone. The shutter key for the camera is smartly placed at the seam of the two screens.

We’ve got a scrolling volume knob and a 13 megapixel back camera. The device seems made of glass proeminently and some other material that could be plastic or metal. Also, notice the cool UI applied here, some sort of minimalistic layer on top of Android. A nifty looking and original concept finally!

[Thanks Mohammad Ziadan]

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