LG Sphere, a Phone Based on 3D Interaction/ 3D Touch Interface

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First of all: Happy new year! And now let’s move on to the very first cellphone design of 2010, albeit we suspect it’s a 2009 project: LG Sphere. This LG concept phone is the result of the work of the Domus Academy, collaborating with LG Electronics and Gino Finizio Design Management. Their purpose was to develop a phone that’s both high tech, touch-based and relying on 3D interaction.


LG Sphere measures 100 mm in height, 65 mm in width, it uses a 3D touch interface and it incorporates 3 side hardware buttons for immediate interaction. There’s also an on screen keyboard involved in this design and a 3D navigation system that would make any GPS jealous. There’s a very neat video after the break, if you’re curious regarding the handset’s features.

Sphere is the creation of Italian designer Federico Weber and it integrates GPS and Bluetooth, that help recognize the position of the user, so the phone can adapt to surrounding area and mood. Thus, it can change color and settings, depending on the place where you use it. The LG phone uses an interface shaped like a half-sphere and a convex display, for better 3D effects.



LG Sphere from Federico Weber on Vimeo.

[via The Design Blog]


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