LG V30 is the REAL LG Flagship of 2017 (Video)

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The LG G6 may be the talk of the town with its Full Vision screen, but there were some compromises made in order to launch the flagship fast. Thus, the device came with a Snapdragon 821 CPU instead of a Snapdragon 835. That has been monopolized by the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi, so the goods are left for the LG V30. All we have for that model is a concept right now.

Rendered by Techconfigurations, the device is everything you’d expect it to be. It gets a G6-inspired screen, plus the secondary display that has been here ever since the LG V10. We get a dual 5 MP + 5 MP Front selfie camera and a dual 16 MP + 16 MP back camera. The interesting bit is that the secondary screen is integrated at the bottom of the main one, in the “chin”.

It’s much like those iPhone 8 OLED 5.8 inch concepts we’ve been seeing, with an area that displays options and functions contextually. You can access emoji from the bottom area and a ton of shortcuts. The handset has an ultra durable curved glass back and it combines metal and glass together. The LG V30’s main display has ultra narrow bezels and bottom firing stereo speakers.

A gently curved brushed metal back version is also available for this model. The smartphone is IP68 water and dust proof and looks swell with that metal glow. I have to say that the bottom secondary screen idea is quite good.

[via Techconfigurations]

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