LG V40 Concept Switches It up to a Triple Rear Camera (Video)

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LG V40 is the latest in the series of concept phones to receive a triple camera. We’ve seen Samsung going that way with the Galaxy S10, also the iPhone at some point. Now it’s LG’s turn, courtesy of a render from Techconfigurations.

We’ve seen an LG V40 before, feeling like a combo of the LG G7 and LG v30. This time things change a bit. Yes, we do have a notch upfront and we also get something else: a dual front camera with an 8 MP + 8 MP setup, possibly with Bokeh capabilities. LG’s newcomer finally gets an immersive screen, with ultra narrow bezels and curved corners, plus it has a glass back, that’s a bit more glossy than required nowadays.

We’ve got a 6.2 inch P-POLED screen here, although I fee that this device could have gone with a 6.44 inch diagonal even, in order to compete with the Galaxy Note 9. At the back we find a triple threat, camera-wise: 16 MP, 13 MP and 20 MP sensors working together. There’s dual OIS, PDAF and 4K video recording, plus a depth and IR sensor.

Of course we get face unlock, a fingerprint scanner and what seems like a smaller than usual waistline. The speaker stays at the bottom and the audio jack is gone. Oddly enough the on screen symbol of a fingerprint means we could get two finger sensors here, one at the back and one integrated within the screen. It could be a slip up of the designer though…

Here’s a thought: let’s make less glossy backs and more matte ones.

[via Techconfigurations]

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