LG V40 Gets an Introduction Video Already

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LG V30 has got to be one of the most underrated and ignored quality flagship phones this year and this pains me, since it also happened to the LG V20 last year. It may have to do with the flak that LG is catching with the buggy Pixel XL 2… Anyways, designers are already about the LG V40 and this is exactly what Techconfigurations came up with.

We’re dealing with an 85% screen to body ratio smartphone, that should work to pre-empt the iPhone 9 and compete with the Galaxy S9. A stunning OLED screen is in the mix here and from what I can see we get a dual front camera and I’m sure there’s some sort of special authentication system in place. We’ve got a back side fingerprint scanner, a metal frame and a glass back, which catches the night in a mirror-like fashion.

3D facial recognition is promised by the designers, plus there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU inside, as expected for most 2018 flagships. The dual back camera is upgraded too and this basically feels like a beefed up LG V30 specs-wise, with slimmer bezels and a special Face Unlock mechanism. This is one of the very few cases when I see a horizontally oriented back camera that’s centered, instead of placed in the corner.

Placing it at the center makes it much easier to cover with a finger by mistake, so that’s why Apple and Huawei went with the corner approach. Other companies prefer to place the cameras vertically. This feels like a solid addition to the LG V series, but it doesn’t bring anything truly revolutionary to the table.

[via Techconfigurations]

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  • Noel

    The V30 is an awesome phone but the battery could have been better. This V40 concept looks awesome as well, but LG will have to deliver on a mega stamina 4000+mAh battery on this one. I’m not a fan of the 18:9AR screens, so it won’t hurt if we also have a 16:9AR full screen variant..just like what Huawei did with the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro.

  • Justin Benn

    That’s absolute nonsense. The battery and battery management software are among the best. Got any evidence for yet another LG slur?


  • Noel

    I did watch the same battery test u included in your comment. Yes the V30 emerged as the winner of the test performed but not by much. I will say real life usage might be different but still good enough for some ppl. In my case I know the 3300mAh will not be enough to get me thru the day..I will go thru that in <6hrs. My point exactly is yes the battery capacity/stamina of the V30 might be good but I want the LG V40 to be even better with a better optimized 4000+mAh battery. That will be a key selling point for the device…knowing it can truly last 10+ hrs of screen on time.
    We all have different usage and preferences..i was simply stating mine. It wasn't meant as an LG slur. But it was good for u to include the battery test video to make ur point.