Nexus 6 Rendered by Sirkdow, is Basically a Slab of Metal

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We’ve had our share of Nexus 6 concepts here, but usually they’re small upgrades of the Nexus 5, with better specs and thinner cases. This Nexus 6 render is done by Sirkdow and it’s basically a very slim piece of metal.

nexus 6 concept sirkow 2

This is the type of phone that’s too thin for its own good and I can see that it has two LED flashes aligned below the camera sensor. Imagine squeezing this smartphone really tight… you’d be left with a mark on your hand, or even worse, a cut. Of course, that’s what happens if it’s made of metal. If it will be made of some sort of matte plastic material covered in a rubberized or leather-like texture, it’s all fine.

nexus 6 concept sirkow 3

I’d see LG going for the rounded upper part look and straight edges, since it would stick to the tradition of the Nexus 4 and 5, but this Nexus 6 concept feels like it’s three times thinner than its predecessors. Is this actually viable and doable? Someone should publish a list of the measurements of a RAM piece, Snapdragon CPU and storage, plus camera sensor, so we’d know why this can’t be achieved…

nexus 6 concept sirkow 1

[Via Sirkdow]

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