Two New Phone Teasers: LG Surprise Concept and TPM Cobalt!

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Remember the TPM Cobalt superphone teaser from here? We have a brand new teaser photo below, making the handset seem even more sci-fi. This is the creation of Imran Sheikh, who promised us that he’ll soon have the design ready.

As far as I can see this device has some funky lighting effects on the side and it will truly be a futuristic smartphone. Meanwhile, the household name Bob Freking sent us a very mysterious teaser, one saying these words “shoots, faster. towards you”. All I can say is that this is an LG concept phone, one with 3D abilities, great graphics, great display and great video/photo capture. It also has a pretty original design, but you’ll find out more about that in the following days.

Any ideas on what these devices will end up being?

[Thanks Bob Freking and Imran Sheikh]