Long Lost Handheld Xbox Cloud Controllers Get Rendered in Ultra Realistic Fashion

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I remember that back in 2008, when our website started, there were about 3 or 4 gaming phones popping up per day. We saw PSP Phones, Xbox Phones, Nintendo Phones and other crazy stuff. In the meantime the gaming phone segment only picked up steam last year and the Xperia Play was a flop. And now we get to see the Xbox Cloud controllers, that hook up to phones.

It all started with Yanko Design finding a few patents for the device online. Microsoft apparently wants to compete with the Google Stadia by releasing detachable controllers that clip to the phone and mimic the Xbox One controller experience. The Xbox Cloud controllers clip to the side of the phone and greatly expand its length.

I would say they’re even a bit too big. We get two thumbsticks here, a D Pad and action buttons, plus shoulder buttons. Depending on how long the whole thing gets, the experience may seem a bit weird. We’ve seen side joysticks on big phones lately, so it’s not exactly a weird approach. The controllers will come in a few colors and they’ll feature all the keys, buttons and thumbsticks of the OG joystick.

There are also two flippers that secure the phone from the sides, plus memory foam pads, so they don’t press the buttons. Both halves connect to the phone via WiFi and offer seamless gaming, that’s also lag free. they even have an audio jack and support for wireless headsets, too. To be honest it’s not a bad idea, but the product would instantly be undercut by a cheaper Chinese alternative…

Unless it comes with a sort of bundle or subscription, I can’t see a reason to buy it.

[via Yanko Design]

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