Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Gets Camera Upgrade, Higher End Specs

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Microsoft has been struggling to pull together the Surface Duo for a while now. The device was unveiled in October 2019 and it has yet to be launched. At first it was a mere prototype, one that didn’t even have a camera and also had a beefy design and thick bezels. Now it’s more refined and meant for a Holiday 2020 release. In the meantime designer Waqar Khan has already dreamed of a Surface Duo 2.

First of all the name: Surface Duo 2 almost sounds as stupid as the Xbox Series X. Duo and 2 are pretty much the same thing, as far as I know. The designer also has some sources who detailed specs for the Surface phones. While the Surface Duo should come out with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, but no 5G modem, plus an 11 megapixel camera. Microsoft Surface Duo 2 may perform an upgrade, to a Snapdragon 865, 5G and multiple cameras, within a slimmer design.

Surface Duo 2 could also fix another design problem: the first Surface Duo can’t show notifications or useful info on any sort of external screen when closed. .Well, the newcomer does, since it has a discrete OLED status bar close to the hinge, which can be read with ease. It’s still an Android smartphone, but with a Microsoft launcher. Other novelties compared to the first gen model are as follows:

  • narrower display edges
  • new color (black)
  • dual camera for Portrait photography, with flash
  • OLED notification bar
  • NFC and 5G

The source also suggest various use scenarios that may include dockable keyboards. I’m surprised a stylus doesn’t get thrown in the mix, as well as a narrower central bezel, in the hinge area. To be honest, compared to the other foldables on the market, this feels… dated.

via ratenzahlung/ Waqar Khan

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