Microsoft Surface Phone Concept by Bartlomiej Tarnowski Gives Windows 10 Mobile Buffs Hope

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Microsoft doesn’t seem to hide the fact that they’re ditching the Lumia series soon, possibly betting it all on a Surface Phone in 2017. Till that moment comes, we’ve got a pretty good looking Microsoft Surface Phone concept, created by designer Bartlomiej Tarnowski from Poland.


The device gets a special Type Cover style accessory, a very flat and slim keyboard for the handset, as well as a pretty business looking stylus. The 3 LED flashes from the Lumia 950 XL are kept for the main camera and interestingly there seems to be an overdose of speakers here, or rather speaker grilles. We’ve got two upfront and two at the back by the looks of it, at the top and bottom.


So many holes tend to make the device look… weird. The handset also has a kickstand and since it seems so massive, I’m guessing it’s a 6 incher with a metal body. The best thing about it is probably the edge to edge screen and those sensor-based areas on the sides that replace buttons (I’m only guessing here). Possibly the last cool concept of the Surface Phone you’ll see this year.




[via Behance]

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