Phone Designer Reinvents the Laptop and Dual Screen Tablet With the FlexBook

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Last week about this time of the day we were checking out Microsoft’s dual screened future, as the Surface Neo and Surface Duo saw the light of day. At the same time designer Jonas Daehnert aka Phone Designer was finishing up his work on the FlexBook, entirely more futuristic than Microsoft’s plans.

We’re still lacking a proper hybrid between tablet and phone even in 2019, if you can believe it. Companies like ASUS and Lenovo have tried it out, but without too much success. The key may be a foldable, like the FlexBook, that’s a laptop at heart, but when you fold back the keyboard it becomes a dual screened tablet. There are two hinges here, one similar to the Huawei Mate X one, uniting the screens and a more basic one for the keyboard.

This dual folding machine is brave as it probably is fragile… and expensive. It’s just a concept for now and feels like some crazy project that Microsoft or Google would do, if they were braver. I like everything about it, from the versatility, to the design language and seamless transition between formats. This works in so many ways, way beyond the usual tent + laptop + tablet.

We have the small tablet, the laptop, the dual screen tablet (big screen tablet), the laptop with two touchscreens, the tent and probably a few more I haven’t figured out yet. I see there’s also a stylus that sticks to the FlexBook magnetically and I’m loving the simplicity of it all. This could end up as an Android 10 product or maybe a Windows 10X one, but somehow I want Linux or Fuchsia OS on it…

[via Phone Designer]

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