Mobile Gaming: The Future of Video Games?

There is no denying that the video game industry has achieved incredible heights. Games went from being viewed as little more than glorified children’s toys, to a multi-billion-dollar market, that appeals to people of all ages. And with the rise of independent game development, a lot more people are getting into games than ever before. 

Another factor that has propelled gaming to new heights is the rise of the smartphone. In 2023, most of us carry a miniature computer in our pockets. We can go anywhere we want and bring our smartphones with us, granting us instant access to our contacts, the internet, and of course, video games. With this in mind, it is no surprise that some people view mobile gaming as the future of video games.

Mobile Gaming: An Introduction 

So, just what do we mean when we talk about mobile gaming? Well, obviously, we are first and foremost referring to games that you can play on your smartphone. However, it goes further than that. Mobile gaming, as a term, can encapsulate a lot of different genres of video games. For example, a rather popular form of mobile gaming in 2023 are online casinos.

Online casinos are exactly what they sound like. Casinos that you can access online. In other words, you can power on your phone and get quick and easy access to some of your favorite casino games, whether that be slots, poker, blackjack, or more. Better yet, you can access these sites from any electronic device, not just your smartphone. In other words, whether you are at home, on the go, or even abroad, online casinos have your gambling needs covered.

However, as we said, mobile gaming is a lot broader than that. It can also refer to simple puzzle games, or complex, multiplayer strategies. In this article, we would like to take a look at a few reasons why mobile gaming might become the standard future of the video game industry.

Quick and Easy Access

First and foremost, mobile games are easily accessible. All you really need to do is have a strong internet connection, and a powerful phone to run them on. And depending on the kind of games you enjoy, both of these things may just be optional. 

For example, there are plenty of single-player puzzle games that require no internet connection and are not particularly complex. You could probably run these games on outdated phone models for little-to-no cost. However, if you want to play the more complex games, then a strong device is necessary. Which brings us to our second point.

Smartphones are Getting Better

Whether you are a fan of Apple, Samsung, or something else entirely, you have likely noticed a trend; namely that each subsequent smartphone you purchase gets better and better. With the release of Samsung’s new New Galaxy S23, we can certainly say that the time to become a mobile gamer is now. 

Both of the big two (Apple and Samsung) phone companies keep releasing better and better phones, capable of running more complex games. From detailed, well-thought-out MMORPGS, to multiplayer strategies, you can find it all at the App or Play stores nowadays. And speaking of great games, we would be remised if we did not discuss a few of them now. 

The Mobile Games Are Improving

When mobile gaming first took off, most people associated it with Tower Defense or Puzzle games. And while there is still a huge market for games like Kingdom Rush or Candy Crush, these two have largely been dethroned by complex, MMOs such as Genshin Impact or Fate Grand Order

Both of these games feature an open world, that the player can freely explore using their customized avatar. Not only that, but they incorporate quite complex game mechanics, inspired by both Japanese and Western roleplaying games. If you are a fan of series like Final Fantasy or the Elder Scrolls, both of these games are worth checking out. 


The mobile gaming industry is thriving. Will it replace consoles or PC gaming? We can’t say for sure. What we could argue, however, is that mobile gaming will certainly catch up with both in the near future. Especially as games become more available and phones become better equipped to handle them. 

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