Three Easy Ways to Use Your Smartphone as an Entertainment and Lifestyle Hub

Modern smartphones are so powerful and versatile that it’s easy to see many users fail to make the most of everything that they offer. By looking at some of the easiest ways to turn your mobile device into an entertainment hub, you might find ways of using it that fit your lifestyle perfectly. If you haven’t seen these ideas before now, you’ll be wondering how you’ve missed them.

Turn into a Mobile Casino

Playing games is one of the most common ways of using smartphones, turning this into a giant industry with over 700,000 gaming apps now available. The average person has 80 apps on their device, according to some sources, but you might not realise that it’s possible to turn it into a mobile casino without downloading anything at all.

That’s because you can enter a casino in your browser and start to play exciting online slots right there. There are hundreds of these games covering a variety of themes, with fishing and exploring ancient cultures among the most common. You can also try classic table games like roulette and blackjack, with live-streamed versions adding to the feel of being in a physical casino.   

Stream Your Favourite Movies and Shows on Your TV

Many of us now watch streaming services on our phones, to catch the latest episodes of our favourite shows. A look at the Play Store reveals more than a billion downloads for the Netflix app and over 500 million for Amazon Prime Video. The option of splitting the whole screen to show two apps at once is a great advantage when doing this, but what if you want to watch on a big screen instead of on your smartphone’s screen?

Screen mirroring is the process for doing this without any fuss, with the Chromecast device offering one of the simplest ways of doing so. Otherwise, you can look for screen mirroring apps that are compatible with both your mobile device and the TV and then start watching anything you want more conveniently on the bigger screen.

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Take Care of Your Pets and Feed Virtual Cats on Android 11

What if your idea of being entertained and enjoying a great lifestyle involves looking after animals? There are many great pet-friendly apps that allow you to look after your furry friends by training them, keeping track of their health details and even monitoring their activity when you’re not at home.

However, our last entertainment option involves a simple free game that is included as an easter egg on some Android 11 devices. Known as the Neko Cat game, it involves attracting new feline friends to feed them and give them water. The instructions for loading this game only take a moment to complete and will give you access to a simple game that hopefully adds some fun to your day.

All of these examples let us see how making your mobile device a lifestyle hub is simply about deciding what types of entertainment you most prefer to get from it, then going ahead and enjoying what it offers.

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