Three Undead-Themed Games for Mobile Gamers

Being dead is fairly popular these days. The rise of console games like Last of Us and a glut of post-apocalypse television shows have made the undead cool. Not only this, but you can have a lot of fun dispatching the evil hoards who have already shuffled off their mortal coil guilt-free. While there are lots of console and PC titles to let you do so, how does the field look for mobile gamers? Below, we give three undead-themed mobile games you may not have played. 

Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is probably one of the most fun games you can hope to play on a mobile device. It is created in the vein of a retro, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis-style title. With great pixelated visuals, it has frantic gameplay that never disappoints. 

Your task is to escape the city on your scooter, ploughing through hoards of the undead as you do so. Dodge obstacles, jump over ramps and plough through as many zombies as possible to increase your score. The more points you get, the more upgrades become available. Upgrades include everything from weapons to new wheels and even vehicles. 

I, Zombie

I, Zombie takes a different slant on the zombie genre and places it in the realm of online slots. Unlike other choices, this is an iGaming title available to players from both desktop and mobile devices. Widely accessible to casual and dedicated demographics alike, you can play these slots for real money. In addition, many of the casinos have competitive sign-up bonuses, and may even offer demo editions so you don’t have to spend much of your money to try the title out. It is a new and inventive way to dispatch the undead. 

This game is developed by slot aficionados at RealTime Gaming. Its unique appeal comes from the ghoul sitting at the top of the reels. She may occasionally climb down and increase your wins. There are also a host of symbols related to the undead, such as church bells and even monster hunters. Each of these will reap a different reward if they appear on your spin. The game has a very cool graphical style, blending comic book design with the zombie genre. 


Another game that takes a different look at the genre is Dysmantle. Here, instead of concentrating on shooting the aim is on the person’s survival. You must stay alive by cooking, foraging for food and finding valuable goods by taking apart objects you find. 

The further you go, the harder the game gets. As you break down objects you can use them to build supplies and weapons, which help you fight zombies and find more goods for survival. It is a little on the expensive side for a mobile game, but it is highly addictive and you will get your money’s worth. 

There are plenty of others available, particularly if you want to explore first-person shooters. Check the reviews and make sure you spend within your budget. Soon, you could be fighting the undead all from the safety of your cell phone.

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