New Motorola 2011 Design Might Predict the Droid RAZR’s Look

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The designs of Gregory Pizzatto have been hosted before on our website and yet another fresh one is here for you to comment on. This time it’s a Motorola concept phone posted on Coroflot a couple of days ago and just as a coincidence we’re only 2 days away from the announcement of the Motorola Droid RAZR.

There’s already a teaser and leaked pics for the new RAZR, that’s expected to be incredibly thin and run Android Ice Cream Sandwich. As far as this concept is concerned, it looks like an Android model with maybe a 4 or 4.3 inch display, a 14 megapixel camera (if my eye sight is good) and a comfortable to hold back.

Maybe it’s that kevlar back we’ve been hearing so much about, that will probably make it to the next Motorola Droid device or maybe the next Motorola Xoom tablet. From this picture I can’t tell how thick the phone is, but give it anything below 8.5mm and it’s certainly a RAZR and a competitor for the Galaxy S II’s thickness. What do you think?

[via Coroflot]