Motorola Briq Concept Phone is a Touchscreen Dual Slider

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I received an email just the other day, that had a beautiful concept design attached: the Motorola Briq. No details at all about it, but there was a name at the end of the email, Piotr Paczkowski, who is, I suspect, the designer of the handset. We’re dealing with a dual sliding beauty, with a very, very strange keypad, a diagonal numeric one on the right and a half QWERTY on the left.


 UPDATE: The creator of the phone above sent me a list of its spec. Here it is:

– dual slider with two independent keyboards
– touchscreen (1:2 or 2:1)
– 256 MB  RAM and 256 MB ROM
– CPU 450 MHz
– internal memory 8GB and microSDHC
– WiFi
– Bluetooth
– 3,2 mpx camera with autofocus
– Windows Mobile 6, with free update to Windows Mobile 7

As far as I can see, this is a touchscreen device that comes with a decent looking headset and a tiny remote with music controls. Oh, I forgot to mention that there was also a link the email, which pointed me towards the following picture.

Another mysterious Motorola handset… Any ideas?