Motorola Nexus RAZR Runs Android 5.0, Is Only 7mm Thin

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After the craziness of the Motorola Atrix 3 handset, that’s all over the web because of Concept Phones, we have another exciting device to look at. This one is the Motorola Nexus RAZR, the supposed next Nexus handset, of course in mere concept phase. Shaik Imaduddin created this beautiful design, that’s based on his own version of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

This Motorola concept uses a quad core Tegra 3 processor, although I doubt that in real life Motorola would select Nvidia instead of Texas Instruments for its CPU. The Motorola Nexus RAZR is only 7mm in thickness, has a 5 inch display and 16 megapixel camera. The fourth Nexus phone rendered here is a tad big for my liking, since I’m more a fan of 4.2 inch or 4.3 inch smartphones, but it’s still a pretty interesting device. The new Android is not a great departure from Ice Cream Sandwich, as you can see.

Considering Google bought Motorola last year, it would be a logical move for the search engine giant to make its own phone using the just bought company. Considering RAZR was the most original design approach from Moto lately, a combo between this look and the one of the Galaxy Nexus would be perfect. What do you think?

[via Shaik Imaduddin]