Well Hello Again… Motorola!

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I didn’t expect that this week ending would bring me a surprising design to feast my eyes on. And lo and behold, here comes a Motorola concept phone of all phones to dazzle me. Of course Motorola doesn’t exactly exist on its own anymore, so let’s just call this a welcome exception.

Motorola concept smartphone metal glass 2016  (1)

The creation of designer Steve SH Kim, this Motorola concept smartphone adopts an edge to edge screen, but it also gets a thick metal bezel. It all feels like a compact phone that received a “jacket” or bumper case all around it from the get go. The bezel is really doing the trick here, with buttons standing out and they can easily be pressed at any time.

Motorola concept smartphone metal glass 2016  (2)

The speakers have an interesting integration, in a clearly separated area between the inner bit, which is made of plastic or glass and outer metal shell. The screen is a Super AMOLED here and it has a 5.05 inch diagonal. The interface seems to take some elements from the Amazon Fire playbook. The way the screen is attached to the metal frame is supposed to resemble the way a diamond is attached to a ring.

Really a nice concept this one. I sure wish we had a name to call it by.

[via Yanko Design]

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