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Web Crawler or Web Scraper: What Came First?

Web crawling and web scraping sometimes go hand in hand. In other cases, they are independent of each other. Given the impact each of these processes has had on the internet ecosystem and businesses that operate both online and offline, understanding what each entails is vital. Here, we explore the

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Best mobile phones for university students

Introduction: How to Choose the Best Phone Provider for Students? Choosing the best cell phone provider for students can be a difficult task. There are many providers and plans that offer different services and prices. Luckily, we have compiled a list of some of the top providers and their plans

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How Global 5G Connections Are Growing Rapidly?

In today’s digital age, technological innovations are rampant. As a result, it’s common to see consistent upgrades, revisions, and modifications to tools related to communication, information technology, and the Internet of Things.  5G is one example of modern innovation that has led to wide anticipation. While the use of 5G already exists, several areas like

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Getting The Best Gaming Experience On Android

Nowadays, video games have evolved from computer games and gaming consoles. Now, gamers can take their gaming on the go. With that said, there are many games that you can now play on an Android device.  However, gaming on Android can come with its faults. Unlike other avenues of gaming,

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