8 Ways to Find Out for Sure if a Tech Major Is for You

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Technology is a rapidly growing field, and the opportunities for a solid, creative career are endless. Many students say they’ve found themselves in tech because it gives them freedom for innovative projects that impact the world directly.

The best advice for choosing your major is filtering careers by what you like doing and what you’re good at. Do you still need some help to decide? Here it comes. Reading books for students is a great idea to explore what interests you! This website offers a list of books with different genres, and they’ll for sure help you relax and crystalize your thoughts about your future field. It may as well be writing!

If you need some more advice, here are eight ways to make sure you’ll enjoy pursuing a tech major and even building your career around it!

You Embrace Change

Majoring in tech is anything but stagnant. New projects, people, and concepts seem to emerge in this field constantly. Majors in this field are known to have a creative mind ready to attack a problem from any point of view. They implement new knowledge and innovative solutions both in their study life and future careers. 

Just think of all the new inventions, such as VR or AI. They continually expand, being a subject of fascination for tech students, as well as the general public. If you don’t thrive in a routine-focused environment, majoring in a technology field is a great way to escape it. Get ready to embrace the new with open arms! 

You’re Detail-Oriented

You may not even consider paying attention to detail a skill, but it indeed is. To be oriented to detail is an incredible superpower that you could use in college assignments. You can even try and become a writer with enviro-explorers.com if you feel like your writing skills could use brushing up! 

Being able to spot mistakes and irregularities from a mile away is crucial when you’re majoring in a tech-related field. Different IT projects have different processes to follow, and paying attention to detail affords a clearer view of the project.

For example, imagine hours of writing code while simultaneously not being focused on details. It would be an ongoing process that’s destined to fail. Every step of every project must be perfected by looking into the details behind it. It not only guarantees clarity but also helps reach successful results much quicker and easier!

You Don’t Give Up Easily

The concepts you’ll study are changing almost daily, and that can be confusing. Sometimes, it may seem overwhelming to study some abstract concepts that are new and hard to explain. Other times, it could be challenging to apply what you’ve learned in the real world.

But don’t worry, thousands of other students experienced similar feelings, and they’ve found the inner strength to overcome them. So, whenever you encounter a new concept, take your time exploring it. Don’t fret if it seems impossible to master, and try to find your inner motivation to keep moving forward!

You Love Mental Challenges

Whether in mental puzzles, logical riddles, or even complex math topics, your brain thrives in a problem-solving environment. Majoring in this field is just that – filled with opportunities for your mind to adapt, evolve, and make new and exciting conclusions! 

What’s even more encouraging to some students is to witness how complexity and intricate solutions directly affect the world we know today. In the end, that’s really the ultimate goal – to turn complicated talk into practical and tangible results. 

You’d Like to Have a Career in the Field

Technology is a highly versatile career choice. Consider just some of the possible future job titles you could have later in life:

  • IT consultant;
  • computer engineer;
  • web designer/developer;
  • games developer;
  • data analyst;
  • software engineer;
  • business intelligence developer.

Studying technology enables you to have many choices later in life. Careers are practically waiting for you. Have you seen a successful business of today that doesn’t use technology? 

Well, not really. Your expertise in this field is very wanted and needed in the corporate world, and no matter which career path you choose, finding a well-paid job is more than possible!

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You Feel Like You’re Here to Create Change

The vast majority of tech students say the ultimate reward for their work is watching the world change through it. For example, imagine all the medical, cultural, and societal advancements brought forth using modern technology. Purifying water, healing and performing surgeries, and using tools to communicate with people from all over the world are just some of the everyday miracles made available by technologists.

Imagine that feeling of seeing your invention one day transform the lives of many for the better! Majoring in this field is the first but essential step in the direction of achieving your global goals.

You Have a Creative Background

Creative thinking is the biggest asset in the world of technology. It enables you to see solutions to a specific problem quickly and effortlessly. It’s also helpful when you’re adapting to new ideas or even inventing and creating new projects and devices!

“Part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, and artists, and zoologists, and historians. They also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world.”

—Steve Jobs

You’re Passionate About It!

Probably, the most important reason why you should pursue a major in the technological field is this one. That inner passion will help you achieve seemingly impossible goals and create inventions you thought were just abstract ideas! 

That fiery passion will be helpful in any life project. It’s a driving force behind today’s experts and their achieved objectives. 


If you feel the tech field is for you, arm yourself with patience, creativity, hard work, and a clear goal. Majoring will seem fun, and entering the career world will be easy, relaxed, and exciting!

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