Apps that are actually better than the browser version

Apps that are Better than the Browser Version

In our digital world, many of us have tabs open with our favorite apps. From media players to social media, messengers, office suites, and more. But are you getting the most out of your most consumed apps? There are many must-have apps for 2022, and you should be using them to their full potential. 

Reducing the pressure on your web browser is enough reason to enjoy dedicated applications, allowing your browser and entire computer system to run a little smoother. Having a desktop app will also allow you to manage your notifications more efficiently. The configurations you set within your operating system can give you distraction-free periods when you want to concentrate on the task.

Here are five of the best applications you should be using with their dedicated program. 


For those who use slack, you may find that the web browser is your most common way. There are a lot of similarities between the web browser version and the desktop, and the switchover is seamless, giving you no reason to continue on the web. If you use the app for your company communications, you may want to reconsider.

Using the desktop version allows you to sign into multiple teams in a much simpler way, and switching between is also made easy. The desktop application also supports many more shortcuts within your keyboard, helping to improve your productivity. Notification management is a little more flexible, along with handling connection errors and any unstable internet connections.


Dropbox is used by many, allowing them to sync documents from their computers with visibility in their windows and macOS browsers, continuously running in the background. There is a fully dedicated desktop application that gives you an experience like no other. The app is smooth and sleek, giving you room for customization and easy access to all your most important documents.

Shortcuts can be easily configured, which is excellent for those folders you need to visit frequently. Moving, copying, and sharing can be completed in a matter of clicks allowing you to see the files and folder locations in your web browser or operating system. File searches are quick and straightforward and, along with your changes, are instantly visible. What better reason to download the dedicated desktop app!


Spotify can be used on the web, and you won’t find that you come across many problems, but this isn’t a reason to continue to use it. Downloading the dedicated Spotify app will give you a much more stable and sophisticated experience. There are some noticeable differences that you will encounter, the first being quality.

Using the desktop app, you can stream your favorite songs and podcasts at much higher quality, and that is for all users, not just premium subscribers.

Another great advantage of opting for the desktop application is that premium users can save music locally on their devices and listen offline. A few small benefits also include playlist management and queue alterations. The desktop app also allows you to stream through Chromecast devices and be much more compatible with a range of keyboard shortcuts.

Amazon Prime Video

Streaming your favorite movies and TV shows may always be a job for your web browser. Logging into your Amazon account and making your way to the prime video section seems easy and the best to enjoy, but the desktop version has a few hidden surprises. A lot of the functionality is similar to the browser version, although you will find that it is easier to navigate and understand using the desktop application. Switching profiles is also a much easier task.

One of the main reasons to install Prime as a desktop app is that you can download shows and watch them locally without the internet. This is perfect if you’re heading out on a trip and you’re not sure if an internet connection will be available. Download sections are located as separate pages.


Did you know that a desktop app is available for macOS and Windows? Plex is another program similar to Amazon Prime that works just fine from a web browser giving you access to all of your favorite music, photos, TV shows, and films. Using the interface is easier to navigate through the content available. You can manage media playback and servers through the app too.

The desktop version of Plex has the same benefits as you would find on the Amazon Prime app. You can sync content for offline playback at another time, perfect for trips away when an internet connection may not be available. 

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