Best Educational Apps for College Students

In this era, we are super thankful for technology. Not only does it make life faster, but it has also made studying easier and more efficient. College students are going through the most stress. So many classes to attend, assignments, exams, and everything in between. It doesn’t matter whether you attend an online college or not; the stress is the same. 

As a student, you need all the help you can get to relieve you, and fortunately, these days, there seems to be an education app for everything. The sheer number of available software might be a little overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry since this article will be addressing the best educational apps for college students. 

Every option in this list has been well researched and would perfectly function in helping you stay more organized and productive, leading to more efficiency as a scholar. 

Research Apps for College Students

Research is essential for the average college student, whether it’s for an essay or a science class. It might be hard to gather authentic information from credible sources, but these PC/mobile apps would help: 

1. CliffsNotes 

This education app was created to make studying easier. CliffsNotes is a study guide curated by real professors and teachers from various universities across the world. It is helpful, especially as a literature scholar, as it compresses and summarizes literature into pamphlets and makes it easier to read.

This is very thoughtful because, as a literature undergrad, you will need to read so many books for tests or exams, and it might be impossible to do all these things at once. With CliffsNotes, you know for sure that you’re only getting credible details from a reliable company. 

2. TED 

This is a powerful mixture of tech, entertainment, and design. With TED, instead of notes, you get interesting, short videos of about 15-18 minutes, thoroughly analyzing whatever the main topic is. They cover all sorts of issues, from science to literature, entertainment, finance, and business, available in over 100 languages. 

When doing research, you can always depend on TED for credible info delivered in an understandable method. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing ideas and free knowledge. You can always download their app on either Android or iPhone and use the search button to start. 

Online Learning apps for College Students 

1. Coursera 

According to educational technology experts, this is one of the best apps for a young adult in university. “No matter where you are in the world, you can always access materials on this site to better develop your academic life. The courses on this platform are from renowned universities and companies around the world, which says a lot about its credibility and certification,” – noticed Alison Hardi, an expert writer at PapersOwl who specializes in educational technology. 

If you want to master another course, you can always search it out on Coursera and use all their resources, watch all their instructional videos, and readable content. What’s even amazing is you can earn a legitimate degree from this platform too!

2. Khan Academy


This is an education app that you must always have on your phone. Of all the learning mobile apps, students might prefer this because it is a free version. Depending on your device, you can download this from the App Store or play store. 

Sometimes you can get lost in the classroom, and there might be a few topics you don’t understand. Instead of looking for a tutor, you can create an account on Khan and access all their materials. They teach lessons using short videos and supplementary practice exercises teaching a wide spectrum of subjects, especially STEM subjects. 

Calculators for College Students 

1. Graphing Calculator + Math


So many students hate mathematics. It is not a new concept because it has always been that way since time immemorial. However, in this era of technology, things have gotten way easier. Many study apps can help you perfect your understanding of mathematics, but this education app works the best. 

This app helps you with difficult mathematical concepts like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and trigonometry. With just a few clicks, you will find answers to all your questions. These answers are given with thorough steps to understand and solve them on your own for better grades. This is an android app that can only be downloaded on the Play Store. 

2. Calculator + Scientific 

This Scientific Calculator is only available on the App Store for iPhone users. Most students carry around a basic calculator on their smartphones. 

These calculators are underwhelming because they are only good for additions, subtractions, and divisions. But what if you’re taking an advanced math class? You’re going to need something better. 

That’s where this app comes in. Not only does a scientific calculator have the basic functions and exponents, but it can also help with logarithms, sine, cosine, tangents, scientific notations, binary functions, and other important formulas.  

Finance App for the Frugal College Students 

1. Mint 


Thankfully you can get this education app on both Android and iPhone. It is great for the frugal college kid who is always working on a budget. Even if you’re not frugal, you can always use the app to monitor your spending and know what you put your money on every month. 

With the Mint app, you can personally manage your finances by budgeting and saving, keeping tabs on costs, and monitoring your credit. They also have encryption and 2FA, so you can ensure that your personal and financial details will be kept safe as long as you remain on the platform. 

2. Acorn


As college kids, taking charge of your finances might seem like a foreign concept, but it’s the best period to do it. Whatever decisions you make right now will affect your financial future, so you want to make sure you give it your effort. 

Acorn is also a financial management app that will help you invest and earn money tips. They offer a path to financial wellness, and every youth should take it. 


The transition to college life might be a little difficult. You will realize that not every trick you used in high school would work in college, and more often than not, you will get stressed and unsure of what to do. However, with these software, you will be pacing a way of productiveness for yourself. 

These apps would help you relieve the stress and take all the minor activities off your hands, leaving you with enough time to be productive and efficient.

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