Best Horse Apps for Equestrians

If you are someone that owns a horse or is around horses most of the time, the entire process of taking care of these beloved animals, going through their exercise routines and nutrition needs can be very difficult to track.

However, thanks to technology, we can now let computers take care of the difficult things making our lives a lot easier. With the increased computing power of smartphones these days, we can do pretty much everything on the go.

Since the entire horse industry from riding, breeding, and racing has been growing in the past decades, many developers started creating specialized apps that are designed to simplify the process of horse caring.

That’s why in today’s article, we decided to highlight some of the best apps for Equestrians that can help horse lovers to overcome difficult situations in the process.

Let’s run some through the best equestrian app you should consider using and remember you can also visit for the latest horse racing news.


One of the most popular horse riding apps available nowadays is the Swedish equestrian tracker. The app is available for iOS and Android and has received an impressive rating on both app stores.

The best thing about Equilab is that it can be linked to your smart wearables like Apple Watch or Android wear in order to collect data while riding your horse.

Equilab allows you to track and analyze a lot of information about your schooling sessions or trail rides. It also tracks your horse’s movement on the map, including where you were riding in trot, canter, or walk. The app also tracks your horse’s speed, rhythm, and elevation of terrain throughout the ride.

It also has a huge database where you can compare your horse’s performance with other people and interact with other people. The app will also give you recommended feeding program based on your horse’s activities throughout the day.

It is one of the best and fullest apps that will cover every segment of your horse-caring journey.


If you want to get more thorough with analysis then Nightwatch is the perfect app to use. However, in order to get the most of the app, you need to get a specific Nightwatch Smart Halter, which is the first of its kind.

This incredible device designed by an American biomedical engineer who lost his horse overnight to colic can be strapped on the horse and measure the horse’s heart rate, respiratory rate, motion, posture, and activity.

The Smart Halter also has a smart mode that will help you learn your horse’s normal physiological state and behavior over a course of 80 hours.

All the data is available on the app, alongside important suggestions that can help you improve your horse’s health.

Horse Riding Tracker

If you are someone that loves horse riding then this is the perfect app for you. This is a user-friendly equestrian app that will keep track of your trail or endurance rides. The app comes with impressive data collecting method where you can get all the valuable metrics like duration, average and max speed, distance, and elevation.

The Horse Riding Tracker also has a huge database where you can compare your horse’s performance to other ones and check which areas need to be improved. The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with smartwatches, and will give you audio feedback on each mile or kilometer that you run.

Equus Note

Since taking care of a horse is a huge responsibility and involved many tasks, keeping track of everything might be overwhelming. This is why you’ll need an app like Equus Note, which in a nutshell will remind you about all the important things you need to do.

You can record your riding sessions, write special moments about your horse, and track your conversation with your vet.

The app can also help you identify issues with your horse, thanks to its unique features that will tell you how much your horse should weigh at any time, and check out how your horse is progressing through the months.

These are some of the most useful equestrian apps that every horse lover should download. They are not making just your life easier, but also they are making sure your horse stays healthy at all times.

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