Black Friday Fun: Android 9.0 Featured in Christian Tablet Ad

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We’re barely into Android 4.2 and heard speculations about a supposed Android 5.0 being spotted in some benchmark and already there are talks about Android 9.0. At least so it would seem from this leaflet of a Christian tablet with this OS on board, obviously a mistake in these crazy days we call Black Friday 2012. Oh, by the way Happy Thanksgiving!

This funky mistake was spotted thanks to @kevinCTofel’s tweet and this tablet sounds pretty interesting at this price, especially since it has a HDMI port, which the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini don’t. If you wonder what this is doing on Concept Phones, well we thought to lighten up the mood for the holidays and actually dream about Android 9.0 for a change. There’s no doubt in my mind that the next Android will be version 5.0, but what’s next?

I guess that they will pull out a few more releases for Android 5.0, make the OS more diverse, unite it with all the Chrome goodies and run it on Chromebooks and full fledged laptops. The idea is that in about 3 year from now we’ll have a Google OS so good that it easily replaces Windows. And with Google aiming at becoming a cellular carrier and Internet provider, you’ll run out of the excuse of saying “I don’t want to have an OS that requires Internet, since I may disconnect”, since connections will be omnipresent. How’s that for a future?

[picture via @kevinCTofel]