CBD Oil for Dogs – Buying Tips

There are many different supplements available for owners who want to give their pets the best possible care. Many of them probably heard of CBD oil for dogs, but they still have doubts about it. These products are made from the very same plant used in humans – cannabis or hemp. And that’s all the fuzz is about.

This hemp derivative creates an effective, safe way to treat your dog’s chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments. Unlike THC, it’s entirely safe for animal use. There’s no chance of creating an addiction or overdosing. Still, you should adhere to prescribed dosages.

A seen below, it is always recommended to do some research and check several options:


Know What You Need

You may have seen the term CBD included in ads and on websites. So what does this mean? This abbreviation is actually cannabidiol, a substance found in hemp. While it’s not yet approved by the FDA, numerous studies proved its effectiveness for certain diseases in animals. 

How can dogs benefit from this supplement? One of the primary reasons for its popularity is because it’s considered safe for use in dogs. It can be used in conjunction with conventional drugs without the worry of side effects. CBD oil can be applied directly to the affected area of the dog’s body, although oral administration is usually preferred. 

This hemp derivative works by binding to ECS receptors, and thus reducing inflammation and pain. It can ease symptoms of severe diseases like cancer, kidney failure, or IBS. CBD oil comes in handy when you have a senior or disabled pup, as it can ease the pain and discomfort that the animal feels. Also, this product is beneficial for treating mental issues, such as separation anxiety, destructive behavior, mood swings, etc.

Check Local Pet Shops

In many cases, you can easily find a reliable retailer who offers affordable CBD pet products. You can check nearby pet shops and see which one is reputable and with great reviews. Stop by and check their CBD offer. Read products’ labels and find more information about selected brands.

When checking products in person, look at their origin. They should have a label of organic production, and the raw materials must come from non-polluted areas. Also, look for a lab report and some common signs of possibly fake products like revised expiration date, unclear composition, bad design or quality of packaging, etc.

When buying CBD oil for a dog, it must be without THC or with its minimal amount. So pay attention to labels like ‘full,’ ‘broad,’ ‘isolate,’ ‘THC-free’, etc. The oils should be full or broad spectrum because they contain a minimal amount of THC that is safe for animal use or doesn’t contain it at all. Don’t forget to check the CBD amount, too.

Go Online

Online sellers can offer you good prices since they don’t have the high costs associated with brick-and-mortar shops. But you must learn how to recognize a good deal and distinguish it from fake products.

Buying online can help you save time since you won’t have to waste your time touring physical stores to find CBD products you want. Most of these online retailers will ship products to your home in just a matter of days, making it convenient for pet owners everywhere.

Check Brand Information

The disadvantage of any online purchase is that you cannot check the product live. But that doesn’t mean you can’t easily spot fake or poor-quality CBD oil or a fraudulent seller. Even if you are shopping online for the first time, you can avoid some beginner mistakes.

You should first look at what the online presentation itself looks like. If it seems amateurish or too aggressive, it is most likely fraud or an attempt to place low-quality CBD goods on the market. Probably these products are offered at significantly lower prices or are constantly on sale. That should be the first warning sign.

Next, pay attention to the transparency of the information. See if seller or manufacturer information is available, as well as contact details. Always look for online retailers whose market experience you can see for yourself. 

Check Product Information

After checking the website’s landing page, see how the product is presented and described. If you feel some information is missing, try contacting customer support. If you don’t get the information you want here either, it’s clear to you that you need to move on.

Look for labels like ‘CO2 extraction’ or ‘hemp seed oil.’ The first label is the method by which CBD oil is obtained and can give you security, as this method results in a fairly purified CBD extract. If you come across the label ‘hemp oil’ or ‘hemp seed oil,’ ‘know that these products are not pure CBD oils.

Avoid Pompous Ads

Although good marketing can convince you to buy a product, learn to resist the temptation. When it comes to CBD oil for your dog, don’t buy products whose advertisements promise a miracle or claim that their oils are all-mighty.

You should view this and consult your vet before giving buying CBD supplements. They will explain what you can expect from these goods and how your dog can benefit them.

You shouldn’t skimp on quality pet supplementation, especially if your dog is sick or old. CBD oils are a natural remedy for many ailments, and the proper use of these products has many benefits to the health of your four-legged friend.

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