CBD Oil vs. CBD Treats for Your Pet

The benefits of CBD supplements are not solely limited to humans. Many people do not realize that household pets can benefit from CBD much the same way as humans.

As awareness around CBD and its many benefits continue to grow, there is an increasing demand for CBD for pets. Many popular CBD brands like Premium Jane are expanding their product range to include CBD pet-friendly items.

Two of the most common ways to incorporate CBD into a pet’s diet are CBD oils and CBD treats. Both products are a great way to give CBD to dogs, cats, and other household pets.

Pet owners ask a very common question: What is the best way to give pets CBD? Are CBD oils better than CBD treats?

What Are CBD Oils And How To Give Them To Pets?

CBD oils for pets are very similar to CBD oil tinctures for humans both in how they are made and how they can be used.

CBD oils consist of hemp extract combined with edible oil in their simplest forms. There are several ways to enhance this mixture to improve both flavor and effectiveness.

For example, most CBD pet oils contain added flavorings to give them a meaty or fishy taste that is more appealing to pets.

One of the reasons CBD oils are so popular is that they can be used in various ways, making it easier to incorporate them into everyday life.

For example, you can give unflavored CBD oils to pets as sublingual drops. This method is ideal for pets that are a little fuzzy and do not take new additions to their diet well. Alternatively, you can add flavored CBD oils to pet food to enhance meals and ensure that CBD is part of a regular diet.

CBD oils are known for giving the consumer a lot of control over dosage, allowing them to decide how much CBD is consumed at any one time.

What Are CBD Treats And How To Give Them To Pets?

As the name suggests, CBD treats are pet treats that contain the addition of CBD or hemp extract. The main focus is on making treats enjoyable for pets to be used as a reward or as a treat alongside their regular healthy diet.

CBD treats can take many different forms and often depend on the specific brand and the animal that they have been designed for. For example, bone-shaped meat treats are popular among dog owners, while fish bone-shaped and fish-flavored treats are designed for cats.

The nice thing about CBD treats is that they can be easily added to a pet’s diet and make for a tasty daily treat that pets can look forward to. CBD treats are a great option when training pets as they can be given as a reward while also helping keep pets healthy.

CBD Treats Vs. CBD Oils

Both CBD oils and CBD treats are great ways to pack a little CBD into a pet’s diet to ensure they get all of the vital nutrients they need. Both options have pros and cons, and the best option will typically depend on several factors.

Firstly, the routine and preferences of the pet themselves. Certain pets enjoy having treats incorporated into their daily routine, while other pets show very little interest in new foods introduced to them.

Younger pets that are introduced to a new environment and still learning new routines are more likely to benefit from treats as they can be used to reward good behavior. Older pets with a regular diet and routine may prefer flavorless oil drops added to their meals.

Secondly, your reason for giving your pet CBD will determine how much CBD should be consumed each day. When giving pets CBD as a general health supplement, CBD oils can be a good solution as they ensure a consistent amount of CBD is routinely given daily.

CBD treats may be a better option when using CBD to help manage long-term health conditions. CBD treats can be given to pets throughout the day, ensuring that cannabinoid levels stay at a consistent level all day long.

How To Choose The Right CBD Pet Products

Choosing the right CBD products is about finding the best quality products that provide optimal results. It is also vital to find products that your pet enjoys or will take as a part of their routine with ease.

It is not worth giving pets CBD products that they clearly dislike as this will make for an unpleasant experience each day and will most likely result in CBD not being given frequently or consistently.

Finding the perfect CBD products for pets is not always easy and can take a little experimentation. It may be worth trying both CBD oils and CBD treats and seeing which option your pet seems to prefer. 

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