Chinese Worker Commits Suicide After the iPhone 4G Prototype He Was Looking After Goes Missing

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We’re keen on any info regarding prototypes, patents, phone concepts and designs, but this time it’s a tragedy we’re dealing with and a quite intriguing piece of news. A 25 year old worker at Chinese manufacturer Foxconn (that maker of all iPhone models) has committed suicide after the iPhone 4G prototype he was looking after went missing…

Wait, what? iPhone 4G prototype?!


I’m sure that the product was worth its value in gold, if not more and it’s hard to say if the man really committed suicide or if he was a victim of the industrial espionage or its “counter measures”.  The web is abuzz with stories concerning illegal searches of the man’s apartment and even physical abuse on him, during interrogation.

Rumours seem to point towards Foxconn employee, but we’re not the one pointing fingers. Meanwhile, the Cupertino giant expresses its sadness concerning the man’s death, but we wonder what would happen if we’d post a picture of the 4G iPhone here? Would we also be found dead?

[via Engadget Mobile]