Devices and Tips No Adventurer Should Ever Go Exploring Without

Are you thinking about adding some adventure traveling to your life? You might have decided on exploring some adventurous locations after the pandemic(COVID-19), then there are some things you need to keep in mind to have a successful adventure.

No matter what, where, and how you intend to go with your exploration, there are some tips and devices you need to always have with you.

Devices to Take for Adventure Traveling

  1. Headlamp

You cannot always depend on your car light when you go camping. A headlamp comes in handy to find something in your bags and just see your environment to steer off danger and simply go about your activities. You can get a bright one that can illuminate a mountain bike trail at 20mph at $400 or a basic $19.95 that can do every other thing except high-speed traveling.

  1. Smartwatch

You should also grab a smartwatch while preparing for your adventure traveling. Find out the best durable smartwatch you would need during your travel. Consider features like battery life, smart feature, water resistance, dust resistance, GPS tracking, and even weight and/or size. The weight and/or size of a watch can make it uncomfortable for you, especially those big watches that are quite uncomfortable for people with small wrists. 

  1. Travel Adapters

A travel adapter is a very important device to have on your adventure travel. An adventurer will usually go to the farther part of a country where a power outlet is not available. In addition, you need to be able to charge other electronic devices like cameras, smartphones, or laptops. It is best to have a universal adapter because you can use that in several countries with ease.

  1. Powerbank

There are going to be times when an adapter won’t be enough. Like when you are far away from civilization and cannot get your hand on any power outlet. You know you cannot rely on your last charge to last you a few more days, then a power bank is what you need. Consider taking a big mAH power bank, so you know you have a long-lasting power source when the power bank is fully charged.

  1. Camera/Video Recording Gadgets

You need a camera to capture the moments of your adventure. You might get something like a DJI Osmo to capture every moment of your adventure, like when you go hiking. Another video recording gadget you can get is the DJI Phantom 3. This one is a drone, and it makes it easy to capture your adventure from different angles. The drone can fly 500meter far and 120 meters high, making it easy for you to capture beautiful images and videos.

Tips for Adventure Traveling 

  1. Be Open and Brave

Be open to experiencing new things. Adventure is about discovering new things. So be open to meeting new people and seeing new places. Be courageous and brave when you go exploring the world. You will meet new people during your adventure travel, and you need to be brave enough to trust their kindness.

  1. Pack Light

Traveling with light baggage makes it easier to make better on-the-ground choices. Take only essential items, that way; your movement won’t be so restricted. You will even be able to explore more if you are not carrying heavy bags, which will make you get tired quickly.

  1. Go Naive and Interact

Engage the locals and be willing to try their things. Eat the local meals, wear local attire, join them for their local festivals. Be curious and be respectful so that the locals will be willing to interact with you. If you love to play any sport, find a pickup game. Go to their markets, interact with the people if you like to cook. Spend time interacting with the locals.

  1. Create and Share

Capture your experiences during the adventure and share them with other people. Tell a story with your travel experiences to even inspire others to also go on adventures. Take pictures and record videos, take a note with you to write down some details of your experiences.

  1. Be Active

Take on some major activities. Your adventure in a place should not be just human-powered. Do things like mountain climbing or biking, and so on. When you break a sweat during your adventure, the memories stick with you more.

  1. Read and Listen to Locals

Get a copy or so of local novels or poems. When you read a book about a place by the people of that place, it gives you perspective into what those people are. Listen to their music. Let’s not forget that when you go to a new place, you experience their way of life and learn about them.

  1. Go Somewhere New

It could be Ethiopia, Greece, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brazil, and so on. If there’s any country or place you haven’t been to, it should be one of the first places you consider for adventure travel. Many infrequently visited countries are safe, stable, hospitable, and welcoming to adventurers.

  1. Just Go, Stop Postponing

You will always easily find a reason to postpone your travel. But you need to stop doing that. You should just book a trip and commit to it; there’s no need to be confused about it. There’s always an adventure trip for you, and it’s mostly a question of what you want, two weeks, or a month or more. 

Make sure you find out enough information about the place you want to go to. Be sure it is safe that there is no ongoing war or any crisis that might affect you. Learn about the place, the weather/climate so you can prepare properly, and you should know how they are faring with COVID-19. Finally, take every necessary safety precaution before and during your adventure.

These are just some of the things you need for your adventure travel. Following the tips listed in the top section and taking these devices above is the beginning step for having a successful travel adventure. You have been patiently waiting for COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted, so you can start exploring and visiting new places.

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