Do bingo sites support iOS smartphones?

Everyone seems to have a smartphone these days and it is a straight fight between iPhones and Android phones for popularity amongst the public. People live their lives on these phones, and they are not only used to make voice calls. Smartphones are like small computers, and this means that they are used for entertainment as well – also try Vikings Go Wild slot.

These mobile devices, such as iPhones, can take photographs and even film video footage. They can also browse the internet and support apps, and therefore iOS phones are now ideal devices for accessing mobile bingo and other gambling sites. This can be done through internet browsers such as Safari or dedicated bingo site apps that can be downloaded directly onto iPhones themselves.

The Journey from Online Gambling to Mobile Gaming Explained

Online gambling was introduced to the world in the mid-1990s. The leading gambling software developer and slot creator Microgaming saw a gap in the market when the internet was first properly rolled out to the public. Before Microgaming developed the first online casino platform software, gamblers, including bingo players, had to visit land-based venues to get their gaming kicks.

Microgaming ended this by introducing the first workable online casino in 1995 that used their casino platform software that was developed the previous year. This not only offered casino players the choice of gambling in private, but it also made games such as bingo more accessible and thus, more popular. However, bingo did have to wait a little longer than most gambling games before it became a force online.

Online gambling also allowed the public to play the games they loved in the privacy of their own homes via desktop and laptop computers, and this again was part of the appeal of the new gambling format.

The Smartphone Generation

Another technological revolution recently took place, and this was in the mobile phone industry. Part of it was fuelled by Apple and the introduction of their smartphones that run on the iOS operating system. This has helped create phones that are hugely popular with the public and the major difference between computers and smartphones, is that people take their phones everywhere they go.

The bingo gaming industry and the gambling industry, in general, had taken note of the technological advances in mobile devices such as smartphones, but the widespread use of Adobe Flash, which is not supported by Apple devices, was a major stumbling block in the development of mobile gaming. Adobe Flash was seen as troublesome and vulnerable when it came to security.

However, HTML5 has now taken over from Adobe Flash and this is what most bingo playing platforms utilize. This means that mobile versions of bingo sites are now supported by iOS phones as well as Android devices. Potential punters can now access bingo sites and play bingo without any technical issues. The major differences are in how the sites are displayed to fit onto the smaller screens. Apart from this, it is business as usual for bingo players using their iOS phones to access their favourite bingo sites.

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