Guide to Troubleshooting Mobile Casino Problems

All software and websites can have problems or compatibility issues, and mobile casinos are no different. While many are extremely robust and regularly updated, like any digital entertainment format, things can go wrong. In these instances, you may need some specialist assistance. Below, we discuss how to troubleshoot any mobile casino problems you may have.


The best way to avoid these problems, like any issue, is to avoid them happening in the first place. You can do this by checking the platform is legitimate and has stringent methods of operation.

For example, if you play online blackjack at Paddy Power, their brand name brings a certain level of reassurance. You can easily look through their games to see which are compatible with certain devices and even which can be downloaded. Use unknown operators or smaller outfits, and any issues may not be resolved. They may fail to disclose compatibility issues to get a bigger audience. Major providers will give you the documentation you need when you sign up. Most will have games optimised games for mobile on both Android and iOS.

Geolocation Issues

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One of the biggest issues facing players relates to geolocation software. This tells an operator where you are playing from. If you are in a country or state they do not operate in, then you get blocked from service. This can be very frustrating when the geolocation is not working properly and prevents access in areas where you should be allowed it.

If using Apple’s iOS, you will need to go into settings, privacy, and location services. Make sure you have set them to share. If this still does not work, clear your cache, and browsing history and restart the phone. If you are using android, then you need to do the same by going into settings and location, which must be turned on. Then carry on to app permissions, find the right app and allow the permission you prefer.

It may be worth noting that if you have a jail-broken iPhone, you will always struggle with location issues on any format. Location on here gets checked using a range of factors, very few of which will be passed on a jail-broken phone.

When a Game Is Not Working

The graphics and mechanics of some of the top casino games, especially slots, are extremely complex. Therefore, when they do not work it could be down to several factors, both with your device or the game itself.

Start by reloading the page if you are playing through a browser. This will let you know if you are having connection issues. If you are, then try a different type of browser, such as Google Chrome, and see if the game works there. Should it fail to load, then you have a connection issue.

Try connecting to other websites to confirm this. If it is a connection issue, then make sure you have all data enabled on your device. Flight mode must be turned off for example, and make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. If it still does not work, then reboot the device.

Hopefully, your issue should be solved. If not, look at the FAQ section of your casino provider or contact them directly with your problem.

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