How Do Vaporizers Work?

To understand how a vaporizer works, it is first important to know a little bit about the science of vaping. Vaporizers heat herbs, oil, or wax to a temperature just below the point of combustion. This produces a vapor that contains all the active ingredients in the plants without any of the harmful byproducts of smoke. So, not only a high-quality cannabis vape like a Magic Vaporizers vape is healthier for you, but it also allows you to get more out of your material. But how does this work? Let’s take a closer look.

Dry Herb and Pod Vaporizers

The first thing that needs to be understood when talking about cannabis vaporizers is that you get two types, dry herb vaporizers, and pod vaporizers. In terms of which you should use, this falls to personal preference since they do pretty much the same thing.

Dry herb vaporizers are devices that use dry herbs; in other words, actual cannabis. There are quite a few variations of dry herb vaporizers which will be mentioned at the end of the article. Pod vaporizers are devices that vaporize vape juice that has been infused with marijuana. These devices are typically vape pens and come with prefilled pods, which you’ll need to replace once the concentrate is finished.

The Chamber

Perhaps one of the most important parts of the dry herb vaporizer is the chamber. The chamber is where the dry herb is placed. Different devices will have different sized chambers. The larger the chamber, the more marijuana it can hold.

Typically, dry herb vaporizers use four different types of chambers; stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, and glass. The chamber of the device is one of the most important factors that change the aroma that is produced, as well as the taste or the flavor. Of the materials listed above, ceramic chambers, are probably the best since they hardly, if at all, affect the taste of the marijuana.

The Battery 

Another important component of the driver vaporizer is the battery. The reason for this is because it’s the battery that powers the device; A stronger battery means more battery life and higher temperatures that can be reached, whereas a weaker battery means less battery life and less choice of temperatures. Typically, dry herb vaporizers with big chambers will have big batteries so that all the marijuana can be vaporized.

Dry herb vaporizers tend to use lithium-polymer or lithium-ion batteries. If you are a heavy user, you would most likely want to get lithium-ion batteries since they are more popular than lithium polymer simply because they have higher energy levels, which means they are best for heavy usage.

Heating Method

When it comes to how the dry herb vaporizer works, this mainly comes down to the heating method that is being used. With dry herb vaporizers, you could either get a conduction heating method or a convection heating method; some devices use a hybrid of both. 

The main difference between the two heating methods is how the marijuana is heated. With conduction vaporizers, the marijuana needs to make contact with the bottom of the chamber. One problem with this is that if the marijuana isn’t packed correctly or isn’t ground efficiently, not all of the marijuana will be vaporized. This is one of the reasons why convection vaporizers are the most popular since they almost worked like an oven, hot air has circulated the marijuana, ensuring that everything is vaporized. In layman’s terms, conduction vaporizers are best used for a single session, whereas convection vaporizers are best used over multiple sessions.


When it comes to the material of the mouthpiece that is being used, there’s quite a variety; you could get glass, acrylic, wood, metal, plastic, and more. Material that the mouthpiece is made from will affect the taste as well as the durability of the attachment itself.

More than this, the shape of the mouthpiece will affect how easy it is to draw the vapor that is being produced. It’s important to do some research into what the different shapes of the mouthpieces are, as well as how they impact the airflow. 

Different Devices

Finally, as mentioned above, when it comes to dry herb vaporizers, there are many different devices on the market. For example, they are on-demand vaporizers, session vaporizers, vape pens, desktop vaporizers, hybrid vaporizers, and more.

Each device is best used for different situations; Desktop vaporizers are quite large and require a power source to operate, but they are best for sharing. On-demand vaporizers are great for consuming small amounts of marijuana immediately on the go. Important to read the description of each device and to do some research to find out what they will be best used for.

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