How To Bypass Verify Pin After Factory Reset 2023?


Unless you remember the Google account information, it is obvious that users get stuck on the verification page after performing a factory reset. By default, Google turns on Factory Reset Protection (FRP) to shield users from unauthorized access. 

Your device is shielded from outside access by a security wall made of your Google account verification. Even if a third party resets your device, the intruder must still pass the Google account verification process to access it. Stay calm because this article will cover three easy techniques to bypass FRP lock so that you can bypass verify PIN after reset without the passcode.

Can you bypass Google account verification after resetting?

Yes, you can! It is typical for Android to verify pin after factory reset. This result is created by the Google verification for Factory Reset Protection (FRP) to safeguard user data after a factory reset.  Apart from using OTG and getting help from the Merchant, using a FRP bypass solution is the ideal solution to do this. Let’s jump in to know what should we do to bypass verify pin after factory reset.

How to Bypass Verify Pin after a factory reset?

Method 1: Using OTG to Bypass Google lock:

A decent way to enable users of Android devices, particularly Samsung users to bypass Google account verification has been made available by an anonymous APK software developer. It involves using the OTG technique to get around Google FRP lock on Samsung Galaxy smartphones after performing a hard reset where there is a problem regarding factory reset still asking for passcode.

Android 5.0 or 5.1 lollipop-running smartphones may use this fix. As a result, you cannot use OTG to circumvent FRP on a Samsung smartphone that is not running one of the aforementioned Android versions.

If you meet the prerequisites listed above, take these instructions to reset android phone to factory settings without passcode,

Step 1: First download the FRP bypass apk file to your PC. Copy the apk file and put it into your flash drive.

Step 2: Connect your flash drive to your Samsung phone using the OTG connection.

Step 3: Install the apk file on your phone when the file management app appears.

Step 4: You may now access the settings on your phone. After that scroll to and choose “Backup & Reset” option.

Step 5: Choose “Factory Data Reset” then select “Reset Devices or Erase Everything”. Your device will be cleaned of the following documents, programs, and settings:

  • Video Files
  • Device settings Installed applications
  • Data from Google Account Systems and Apps
bypass frp with otg

Step 6: A reboot of your smartphone will prevent you from seeing the FRP screen again. Now that the setup is finished, you may use the gadget.

Your verify pin would be removed. But please note that this solution is only compatible with Samsung smartphones running Android 5.0 or 5.1. It cannot be used on any other Android device. And you must meet the prerequisites mentioned above to overcome FRP using OTG; otherwise, you won’t be able to unlock FRP.

Method 2: Using Untethered Samsung FRP Solution to Bypass Verify Pin:

If the OTG method is flawless on your smartphone, what would thus happen if you were unable to recall your Google account details? At that time, an untethered Samsung FRP Solution is a lifesaver to bypass verify pin. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the simplest technique to remove FRP without a PIN or password. The gadget operates swiftly and doesn’t need any specific expertise to utilize. No matter what brand or model your smartphone is, it works flawlessly. 

Step 1: If you have downloaded and installed Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your Windows, select the “Remove Google Lock(FRP)” option.


Step 2: Select your device OS information and tap “Start” to remove the FRP.


Step 3: Follow the mentioned instructions to proceed the step to bypass verify pin on your Android device.


Step 4: “Removing the lock screen password will delete all data on the smartphone” will be the notice you see. You must choose “Yes” if you are certain that you wish to go forward.


Step 5: The application will automatically remove the verify pin. And your screen will show a notice saying, “Bypassed Google FRP Lock Successfully” after a short while.


Method 3: Get Help from Former Owner or Merchant:

Contacting the prior owner is the simplest approach to getting beyond the FRP lock. The easiest method to get around Google lock is to get in touch with the former owner or the retailer if you are a user who purchased a used device. They may unlock the smartphone by supplying the Google account login information. If it’s a dealer, they may use their third-party unlocking service to remove the phone from the carrier. Once it is unlocked, you may configure the desired credentials.


 When the PIN is requested after factory reset, welcome to try the techniques mentioned earlier. But if you want to bypass verify pin without hassle, Tenorshare FRP Removal is here to bypass the verified PIN after a factory reset. 

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