How to Manage Photos on Samsung Galaxy S21 5G

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, you will enjoy a wide-angle camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera both with 12 megapixels of quality imaging. The 64 MP telephoto camera is the third one available for snapping photos. 

Hence, you can capture memories that last a lifetime with such crisp and quality imaging. But with all of those memories, how do you manage photos on a Samsung Galaxy S21 5G? 

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How to Find the Photo Gallery

You can find the gallery one of three ways. Swipe on your home screen until you can find the magenta icon with a white flower on it. Secondarily, you can swipe upward to view all of your phone’s apps and click on the gallery from one of these windows. 

Finally, you can go to the same window after swiping upward from your home screen. Then, type in the search bar “Gallery” and the icon will show up where you can click on it to access your photos. 

How to Create a Photo Album

When you access your photo gallery, you will be taken to a black screen that says “Albums” and all the photo categories underneath. The folders already available with the phone are Camera, Screenshots, and Downloads. 

As you download pictures from new sources such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, the phone will automatically generate a new photo folder for you. However, depending on the types of photos you are snapping in real life or downloading from different apps, you will want to break them down into subcategories so they are easier to find. 

To create a new photo album, find the three dots in a vertical column next to the magnifying glass on the black “Albums” screen. Click on these dots and then select “Create album.” Type in what you want to name the album and then press “Create” to finalize it. Alternatively, you can press “Cancel” if it turns out you are not ready to create a new album at that moment. 

How to Add Photos to an Album

You can add photos already in your phone into an album in one of two ways. Once you create a new photo album, click on it and then click on the orange button that says “Add items.” From there, you can select the images that you want to be moved to this album. 

When scrolling through your Camera photos or Screenshots, press and hold the first image to check to mark it. Select the other photos that you want to be moved to the new photo album. On the bottom right-hand corner, select the “More” button depicted by three dots in a vertical column. 

You can either copy the photos to a specific album or move them completely to a new album without copying. If you share an album with another Android user, you can choose to move these photos to that one as well. 

How Often Should You Manage Your Samsung Galaxy S21 5G’s Photos?

Try to organize the photos on your phone at least once every couple of weeks. Especially if you take many pictures or multiple screenshots in one day, they can pile up quickly to the point you may have forgotten why you took the photo or captured the screenshot. 

If you have the time, move the photo to its appropriate album after it’s taken. For example, if you screenshot bill payment confirmations, move them immediately to an album entitled “Bills”. 

Before You Go

How often do you take pictures on your camera phone? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

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