How To Spot Fraudulent Slot Game Providers 

There is a wide variety of slot games to choose from at However, despite slot machines’ enjoyment and variety, some players might have encountered fake slot machines.

When players are new to online gambling and are let down by fraudulent game providers, it is very understandable why they would never want to play again. However, it’s important to note that not all slot games are scams. This article lists crucial details that tell you whether you are gambling on fake sites with fraudulent developers.

Scam Slot Sites  

Licenced operators follow specific rules in order to operate legally in a given jurisdiction. One of these is slightly technical: they must use RNG in their slots. This technology ensures fair gameplay since nothing can influence the outcome of a game. 

If a casino has no gambling licence, it is unlikely to be mindful of your security. The slot providers may be scammers, and your personal details could be susceptible to hacking. There may not be extra assurances like responsible gambling tools such as bet limits and withdrawal schemes. 

Clues to Spotting a Fraudulent Developer 

There are so many indicators of fake slot providers. At the most basic level, you might notice differences in gameplay, whereas if you are really suspicious, you can take a look at the source code and servers.

Difference in Gameplay

This is well-notable if you are playing on a popular slot classic. It might concern you if you are familiar with a slot but notice slight differences in the gameplay. 

For instance, let’s say you are playing Gonzo’s Quest. You know very well you need only three scatter symbols to trigger the free spins. However, you might see this as high as five scatter symbols needed on a fake slot machine.  

Glitches and Poor Graphics 

Most online slot games from legitimate developers are pretty tech-forward. Yes, some might feature some old graphics and have a bit of a retro graphic feel, but if they are really fuzzy and crash more often or take a long time to load, that’s a warning sign. 

Server Location  

This is more of a techy part that requires you to do some research on the technology the provider is using. A legitimate casino will have a fixed address, which you can find in these two ways.

1.  It uses Adobe Flash

Flash is an old technology that not so many online sites use today. You know if a provider uses it when your browser warns you it’s loading Flash or prompts you to download the latest Flash player. 

While playing, visit the Adobe Flash Player settings to check the server address. A legitimate provider should have its in-house servers, so the address should match the one on the site’s privacy policy. 

2.  Source code 

To check the source code, right-click on the home page, then ‘view source code’. Scroll through to look for address details. The postcodes you find should match. 

There are so many threats you can find online. To be on the safe side, always read online reviews about different developers, look for relevant authorities that licence providers, and never give away details without details of encryption.

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