How to use split-screen mode in Fortnite

Since Fortnite publication since 2017, the game has become a trendsetter. The transition to an iconic battle royale game is amazing. After those initial days launching of Chapter 3 represents a new era and experience. After the Chapter2 Final Event, the landscape familiar to many gamers has changed completely. The theme and terrain of Chapter2 have altered to new map, mechanism, and Spider man centric battle game.

The new version has come up with devastating weaponry such as pump and tactical shotgun, and assault rifle are replaced with modern sophisticated arsenal. The loot is also completely reinvented. The assortment of weapons of striker and auto shotgun, the Stringer SMG, and MK-Seven assault rifle with reflex sight have enriched the weaponry significantly.

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A desired change in landscape

Gamers of Fortnite Chapter2 longed to see a change in the landscape to discover and experience.  Though the preceding map was engrossing and aesthetic it was time to change. Chapter3 Season 1 incorporated ten new points of interest (POIs) and two from Chapter 1. The new landscapes in Chapter3 Season1 have increased the gaming experience and value of the game manifolds. The game publisher have hit the bull`s eye in this department. The newly introduced Spiderman themed web shooter gadget has perfect mobility and balance. Is is a pleasure to use this gadget.

New assortment of arsenal

The new assortment of arsenal is effective and precise, but the Stringer SMG has some flaws. The weapon is absolute precarious even in a hand of a man with poor aim. To be on the other rend is hazardous. To counter it you need some cheats such as aimbot you can download some fantastic cheats from  that gives you edge on any possible situation.  The newly introduced bolt action sniper rifle can be tremendously frustrating as minor adjustment goes far away, the rust aimbot negates this error, the bullet will kill the enemy instantly with a headshot.  The new version is a refreshing journey from all aspects. 

Hidden split screen mode

Many gamers are unaware that Fortnite supports a hidden split screen mode that permits two individual gamers to play online together, at same time and screen. This is in spite of wide assumption that Fortnite is online multiplayer game played by solo player. But it is worthwhile to note split screen feature is only available in Xbox and Playstaion consoles. You cannot activate this feature in PC, smartphone or Nintendo Switch.   For this reason it is completely explicable why many players ask about split screen feature. More over it is not displayed in any menu but gets triggered when it detects second player in Xbox and Playstaion consoles. 

Two separate game controllers

Unlike other multiplayer game you need to know a lot before using split screen in Fortnite in a single console. But fortunately if the two players are logging from their game account much is not needed. To activate split screen you need Xbox one, Xbox Series X, PS 4/5 video console with a speedy stable internet connection.  You are required to have two separate game controllers and two different Epic game accounts linked to two different gadgets. Even though you two are playing the game from same console, two separate gaming accounts is required to register and track progression of each player, and to record items that you loot or purchase. This is applicable both for Xbox and Playstaion. 

Register two separate gaming accounts

First step to use split screen is you two must register two separate gaming accounts. If you already have Epic game account linked to respective gadgets then you can overlook this step. You can unlink the Epic game account from the specific gadget at any time, you can even delete the Epic game account if you desire. But remember while signing in on respective account use separate controller else the system will malfunction. If you are logging for the first time you would be asked to tick the terms and conditions, accept it. 

The name of the primary player will be displayed on the lower left corner of the screen, who is entitled to select the game setting and menu. Follow the instruction as it appears on the foot of the screen to join with the primary player, you need to hold A in Xbox and X for Playstaion. Hold the required key for few seconds if done as instructed the second player will join the battle royale. Player 2 appears behind the primary player in the landscape of Fortnite.  By pressing A button in Xbox and X button in Playstaion the second player can access their locker or other items. Once you two completed the prerequisites the word Ready appears on top of you two and gets connected to the dedicated server of the game.  

The battle royale game starts with the primary player on top, and player2 on bottom of the screen. Time to time minor or major features are disabled by the publisher due to technical glitches or other reasons, but a notification appears in such situations. 

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