I Love Candy: Top Games for a Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love the delectable bombs of bliss we know as candy? Designed to spark joy and spike blood sugar, candy is loved the world over with variations on this saccharine snack evident in every world culture. Primarily focused on creating enjoyment in its recipients, candy also shares a lot in common with games of all varieties. 

Similarly, popular video games do not exist to further some lofty goal outside of their purview, but to entertain and divert our attention. What could be better then, than creative works that combine these two? Below we’re going to be taking a whistle-stop tour through the most prestigious candy-themed video games out there today. Each uses the boundless invention behind popular candies to build sugary wonderlands to explore. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Candy Crush Saga

Not only the most famous candy-inspired game in the world, but one of the most played titles overall, Candy Crush Saga is the enormously successful puzzle game developed by King and released in 2012. A match-3 puzzle game, it didn’t bring anything to the table that hadn’t been seen many times before in everything from Bejeweled Blitz to Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, but rather it nailed that formula better than any other title before or since. 

Originally developed for Facebook, the game has since spread out to become a mainstay of both Android and Apple’s app ecosystems, where it is enjoyed by over 250 million monthly players. What keeps players coming back for more is the game’s episodic structure, where new levels and world campaigns are continually added ensuring there’s always more content for ardent gamers to puzzle their way through. 

In fact, to date there are over 800 episodes and counting! The game is completely free to play, but those wanting a leg up can always avail themselves of its comprehensive microtransaction system which can award players extra lives, boosts, or the ability to skip levels, in exchange for a small fee. Ultimately there’s a reason this game is so popular even 10 years on from its initial release and, as such, it’s worth checking out whether you’re pure candy-aficionado, or a die-hard puzzler looking for their next challenge.

Sweet Bonanza

For the uninitiated it may be reasonable to assume that slot games do not offer the most comprehensive gameplay experience, and while this may be true for mid-century mechanical examples of these titles, the world of modern online slots represents an entirely different ballgame. Untethered from the intrinsic design limitations of their forebears, modern digital online slots games can serve up truly innovative takes on this classic genre. 

With thousands of games drawing on different themes and aesthetics for inspiration, you can count on there being more than a couple of compelling candy-flavored slots to explore. Without a doubt the most accomplished and fully realized example of this phenomenon is Sweet Bonanza. Developed by Pragmatic Play and released in 2019, Sweet Bonanza is built upon the classic 6×5 grid format and boasts a more-than-reasonable Return-to-Player (RTP) value of 96.51%.

Unlike many modern slots, this title doesn’t feature paylines, instead affording players the opportunity to create a winning combo out of its candy symbols from anywhere on the reel. The title rounds off its candy-inspired stylings with a world-of-candy background vista replete with cotton-candy clouds, justifying its place on our list as the finest example of a candy themed fruit machine you can find in 2022.

Cake Bash

Pedantic readers may well note that this game is not technically about candy, but rather its close cousins – cakes and pastries. Don’t let that perturb you though, as we guarantee that this game’s glycemic index is through the roof. Designed primarily as a multiplayer party game, Cake Bash pits you against up to 3 other players and has you face-off against one another in a no-holds-barred brawl. 

With levels ranging from picnic blankets to cake stands, hilarity ensues as you attempt to beat your opponents senseless or hurl them off the side of the ring. What’s more, with several captivating modes and plenty of features to unlock, this is one title that just keeps on giving.

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