Increasing Popularity of Gaming on Android Smartphones

PC gaming has been around for a long time. Games used to require powerful processors and mobiles did not have such power back in days. With the improving tech in smartphone manufacturing, gaming studios started to focus on the smartphone as the target market.

Now, there are so many games in the play store that are free to play. PC gaming is a very immersive, fast, and responsive experience. You can easily get lost in the world of games that you don’t even realize how much time has passed by. But with all the comfort of a PC, what if you could bring that experience to your Android smartphone? 

Gaming Experience on Android Smartphones 

Playing games on high-end smartphones is an entertaining experience but having a keyboard and mouse on your phone isn’t really comfortable.

Gaming apps for smartphones usually mimics a PC game or platform. There are also controllers with screen holders so you can view your screen. You can do it while playing without having to hold it the same way with controllers without this feature.

The shift of Games from PCs to Smartphones

There are many differences between PC gaming and mobile gaming. In PC gaming, your game is installed on internal storage or on an external hard drive. You can access it from anywhere provided the computer is connected to the internet. If you move to a different location and try to launch the game it will either ask you for the original installation location or give you an option to download the default version of the software with limited capabilities.

PC games have become very expensive when compared with mobile games. While almost any smartphone can run a high-end mobile game, not every PC can play every game. You need a powerful graphics card, RAM, and processor which most computers do not possess anymore because of technological advancements in the mobile manufacturing field.

The gambling industry is also joining the Race

The gaming industry is a huge market and there are plenty of opportunities for more growth. Some estimates say that total gaming revenue on smartphones will grow to $10 billion in no time. And it’s estimated that there are over two billion smartphone users today and that number will increase to several billion by 2022. With such a big market, any company will try to get their products on the list.

Gambling is also one of the industries which are looking towards emerging markets like China, India, and even South East Asia. These are the markets where they can make more profit with less risk of losing capital due to many restrictions in their home countries.

The popularity of Online Casinos on Android Smartphones

Android slots also make the process of gambling easier and it’s a lot more fun than getting your fingers tangled in the slot machines. According to an article on about the best slot games available on Android devices, you should always have the option of testing out any new slots you haven’t seen or come across before for free and at no charge.

You might be wondering what is so great about getting into the gambling business. Well, there is no reason to worry. It’s not like some shady websites where you will have to play against bots or in other words cheat your way to victory. Gaming controllers are one of the safest online casinos that offer real money betting and they use games with a user-friendly interface that actually keeps everyone happy and with that no one believes it is anything but a game.


All in all, the gaming apps for smartphones are a new concept that offers PC gaming on your phone. You may not be able to play some epic games like CS: GO or DOTA 2 on your phone but you can still have some fun by playing Candy Crush, Asphalt 9, or any other simple game.

Online casinos are way more popular on smartphones than PCs and laptops. Almost every gambling site now has apps that are supported by Android smartphones. The gaming controller may not be the best idea but if you need more functionality and a more comfortable experience compared to basic games like Candy Crush then you should go for it.

Online Casino is measured by a lot of factors – security, easy shopping, customer service, payment convenience, and mobile app – so the best casino will win in all of those categories. But it all comes down to one thing – trust!

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