More Businesses are Turning to Mobile Apps

Apple’s App Store had 500 apps when it opened in 2008, and TV advertisements began using the phrase, “there’s an app for that” to illustrate how many apps were available. Since there were not any apps for everything that you could imagine back then, it was more aspirational marketing than anything else. There just might be one today.

Key points:

  • App Development: What’s Driving It?
  • Why Your Business Needs Mobile Apps
  • App Development Challenges

App Development: What’s Driving It?

The number of people who spend their time on their phones has increased dramatically. Therefore, they’re also looking for improved and seamless mobile experiences from their phones. Business owners are increasingly investing in mobile apps to capitalize on these two facts alone. One of the industries that have jumped in on this opportunity is the online casino industry, with the development of the best selection of mobile casinos in the market they have opened their doors to new customers and prospects.

Statista reports that 6.4 billion people worldwide own smartphones. When writing this sentence, the world’s population is 7.9 billion. In other words, 80% of people on this planet have a smartphone. Is there a driving force behind app development? To put it simply, we are.

Why Your Business Needs Mobile Apps

Businesses benefit in several ways from increasing mobile phone app development, besides providing more app choices and better mobile experiences to users. Mobile apps enhance your customers’ experience. In order to keep a customer engaged, it’s imperative that they are able to find your product or service online. By creating a mobile app, you can not only interact with your customers but also market special offers. Apps can help brands become more visible and recognizable to customers. You can increase customer loyalty by providing very targeted communications in-app.

The more loyalty programs you have in your app, the more likely it is that your customers will come back to your store and buy (whether it is digital or physical). With mobile apps, you can cater better to your consumers’ “need for speed.” That can literally mean the difference between someone buying from you or your competitor.

In today’s business environment, customer insight is almost essential. You can get reliable and valuable insights from mobile apps.

App Development Challenges

In spite of its benefits, mobile development is not without its challenges. When developing mobile applications, businesses face many challenges.

There is one thing you need to do in order to be successful in the app market, and that is to find a way to make your app stand out from the crowd since there are many apps available on the market. Not all developers can provide customers with what they need in an app. Also, apps come at a high cost. One to three apps can cost more than $500,000, according to Forrester research. One other thing to keep in mind is that apps have a limited lifespan. The mobile app industry evolves pretty quickly. Users in the mobile app industry don’t stick to one product when there are so many alternatives available. Also for an app to be successful, it needs to be marketed well. There is a difference between creating something and making it popular. It takes more than one platform or individual to promote an app effectively. 


The world is becoming more digital by the day, so mobile apps are a must. Now is the time to plan your app development strategy, after all, there are roughly 6.4 billion potential customers out there waiting for your inventions.

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